Mom Showing Some Motherly Love On A Slingshot Ride

I don’t know who is more hilarious, the mom or the fat kid. Very entertaining video footage of fat kid loosing his shit and mom enjoying the slingshot ride. See what happens towards the

I Can’t Beleive This Guy Does Not Loose His Shit

This guy is a true man. He enjoys the show and laughs after the avalanche has its way with the landscape.

Close Fit But No Cigar

This was a close fit for the Trucker but in the video you will see what happens. Close call all around.

Video: Comcast Doesn’t Give A F*ck.

The industry leader in shitty customer service. Comcast truly doesn’t care bout their customers or providing a good service. This company needs to be taken down.

Moment of holy shit that girl is hot

This is the moment when you are looking at a girl and your mind rolls back thinking HOLY SHIT I would love to be with that.

Nana Nana Suburu – Tosh.0

“Nana nana booboo stick your head in doodoo.” Tosh.0′s competition to win his Subaru has finally come to an end. The top 4 contestants show Tosh their skills in the episode.

Idiot Eats Cactus

Cactus Champion. This guy wants to be famous and is doing a great job at it.

Man forces stranger to pillow fight on the street

The stranger takes it like a champ. Doesn’t even phase him and he starts swinging that pillow.

9 Epic Beer GIFs

I believe it is time to go find a halfpipe and chainsaw.

One of the funniest moments on Shark Tank

Hahahah I love how Mark Cuban tells it like it is and slams them. They just don’t understand. H/T: ABC’s Shark Tank