Merry-go-round + Scooter = Fucking Idiots

These guys are complete dumb fucks. Didn’t they remember being thrown off the merry-go-round when they were kids?

Longest Rope Swing In The World

This 600 foot rope swing was setup in South Africa for some insane daredevils. One of the most beautiful places to bungee jump swing in the world. EpicTV if you have plans for another

20 Stunning Photos of Extreme People

Certain people love to live on the edge. Other people like to jump off the edge. Enjoy these photos of spectacular landscapes and insane stunts.

Nana Nana Suburu – Tosh.0

“Nana nana booboo stick your head in doodoo.” Tosh.0′s competition to win his Subaru has finally come to an end. The top 4 contestants show Tosh their skills in the episode.

Idiot Eats Cactus

Cactus Champion. This guy wants to be famous and is doing a great job at it.

9 Epic Beer GIFs

I believe it is time to go find a halfpipe and chainsaw.