Merry-go-round + Scooter = Fucking Idiots

These guys are complete dumb fucks. Didn’t they remember being thrown off the merry-go-round when they were kids?

Kid Plays With Mom’s Dildo

Damn this is hilarious. Dad is laughing his ass off watching his kid play with mom’s massive dildo.

Kid Attempts The Table Cloth Trick

Kid tries to do the table cloth trick but just wait to see what happens at the end.

Bill Gates Jumps Like A Gangster On TV

Bill Gates shows everyone on national television that he can jump over a chair like a gangster.

Wisdom Teeth Intoxiation: On A Unicorn!

This girl takes a ride on a unicorn while her wisdom teeth were removed. Get ready to clap your hands because you will never guess who’s in the house.

Crazy Neighborhood Dogs And … Man?

A local news television station interviews a local couple about the neighborhood dogs that are out of control. The dogs are not the only things that are out of control.

This Boy Loves Lasagna And So Do I!

Funny little boy mispronounces a simple word. Here is an autotune remix for everyone to enjoy.

Badass Kid Wakes Up From Nap

A kid is woken up by his parents during a road trip. You will never guess what this badass kid does when he wakes up from his nap.

Guy lets the News Crew where he sticked his “D”

A local news station is conducting a live interview when the guy lets the reporter know exactly where he wants to put his dick. The women are completely astonished for some reason. It’s not

Guy almost gets mauled by cheetah in prank gone wrong

I would kill my friend if he pulled that bullshit on me. That cheetah almost got revenge on those bastards for having him chained up.