Merry-go-round + Scooter = Fucking Idiots

These guys are complete dumb fucks. Didn’t they remember being thrown off the merry-go-round when they were kids?

An EPIC Journey Around the World

Alex Chacon traveled around the world for 600 days taking epic selfie images with his GoPro. He transports you to 36 countries with 360 degree views.

Beer Mile World Record

James Nielsen sets a new World Record in the Beer Mile with a time of 4:57.

The Perfect Straight Razer Shave by a Barber

Every guy needs to try this at least once in their lifetime. The sheer craftsmanship and pride this barber takes in his work is inspiring. It looks absolutely amazing with the face massages built

Mexican guy in a Nissan Maxima beats a turbo-charged Porsche

This guy doesn’t give a fuck in the race….no helmet…shitty seatbelt. He is fucking boss tearing through those gears. When he wins the race it’s no big deal like he’s done it a million

Longest Rope Swing In The World

This 600 foot rope swing was setup in South Africa for some insane daredevils. One of the most beautiful places to bungee jump swing in the world. EpicTV if you have plans for another

Get the party started with Homemade Guacamole

Beautiful Laura Vitale walks you through the steps on making authentic homemade guacamole. She includes some useful tips and ideas on creating your own variation of guacamole.

Hangovers Suck, Heres 11 Ways To Make Them Better

Everyone who has drank alcohol has felt the miserable state of a hangover. We looked around for the best information to add to your arsenal against the cocktail flu.

Need some extra sexy time? Make the perfect Scrambled Eggs for you Partner.

These scrambled eggs will you get you some extra sexy time from your partner. Also, no better way to impress someone that just stayed the night or surprise a partner. Gordon Ramsay, one of

USA 2014 World Cup Jerseys

Badass jersey’s America! Now lets kick some ass in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil!