The Perfect Straight Razer Shave by a Barber


Every guy needs to try this at least once in their lifetime. The sheer craftsmanship and pride this barber takes in his work is inspiring. It looks absolutely amazing with the face massages built into the shaving process.


  • Only a couple of drops of pre-shave oil is needed.
  • If you have a beard, then it needs to be trimmed down before shaving.
  • Make sure the shaving cream gets onto the skin and not just on the beard.
  • Always shave with grain of hair. If a closer shave is needed then follow-up in the same area a second time shaving across the grain of the hair.
  • Pull skin tight when shaving.


  1. Daily foaming cleanser to clean the face.
  2. Pre-shave oil to lubricate the beard area.
  3. Hot towel on the face to soften the face and open the pores.
  4. Shaving cream and warm water with badger brush to lather on the face.
  5. Shave the face with a razer.
  6. Cold towel to close the pores.
  7. After shave balm to soothe skin.

HT: The Nomad Barber

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