Beer Mile World Record

James Nielsen sets a new World Record in the Beer Mile with a time of 4:57.

Guy lets the News Crew where he sticked his “D”

A local news station is conducting a live interview when the guy lets the reporter know exactly where he wants to put his dick. The women are completely astonished for some reason. It’s not

The Perfect Straight Razer Shave by a Barber

Every guy needs to try this at least once in their lifetime. The sheer craftsmanship and pride this barber takes in his work is inspiring. It looks absolutely amazing with the face massages built

TED Talk: Try something new for 30 days

Have you ever wanted to try something new or do something you’ve always wanted to do? Can’t seem to get over that bump to get that goal started? Matt Cutts presents a unique way

Michael Jackson back from the DEAD at Billboard Music Awards

Micheal Jackson performs “Slave to the Rhythm” at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. In hologram form, he performs flawlessly and gets the crowd grooving.

TED Talk: Keep your goals to yourself

In this great TED Talk Derek Sivers, the founder of CD Baby, tells you that when setting goals it is better to not tell anyone. He presents that research dating back to the 1920s

Mom Showing Some Motherly Love On A Slingshot Ride

I don’t know who is more hilarious, the mom or the fat kid. Very entertaining video footage of fat kid loosing his shit and mom enjoying the slingshot ride. See what happens towards the

I Can’t Beleive This Guy Does Not Loose His Shit

This guy is a true man. He enjoys the show and laughs after the avalanche has its way with the landscape.

Close Fit But No Cigar

This was a close fit for the Trucker but in the video you will see what happens. Close call all around.

Mexican guy in a Nissan Maxima beats a turbo-charged Porsche

This guy doesn’t give a fuck in the race….no helmet…shitty seatbelt. He is fucking boss tearing through those gears. When he wins the race it’s no big deal like he’s done it a million